Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back in Business

I'm so glad to have a working camera again! Now I can show you what I've been growing. First off: Remember my cabbage? This is what it looked like in mid April, growing in my fridge:

Well, now it looks like this. See the yellow flowers, and the sort of purple-y green leaves? That's the cabbage plant!

Yes, I know they are a little close together. I didn't expect everything to get that large. But they seem to be doing just fine. To the right and just behind the cabbage are my tomato plants. I have a Lemon Boy and a boring old red one. To the bottom left of the cabbage is some of my basil; more of that to come. The radicchio (back left of the cabbage) was particularly surprising - (it should look like this, but instead,) it looks like this:

Yes, the big one, next to the cabbage. In early April, it was just a little thing (in the back right in the pic in this post). I know I put radicchio seeds in the ground, and I thought I saw reddish purple in there a few months ago, but I didn't pull it up, I just let it grow. Now it's huge.

Told you there was more basil. I love the stuff. And it smells so lovely when I water. As do the marjoram (left) and oregano (right) below. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the marjoram is growing what looks like seed pods. From what I understand these two create quite a nice ground cover; I'm hoping they grow sideways and cover the bed of the planter along the back wall.

And my baby grapevines have grown quite a bit in just a short time too. I don't remember which is the Cabernet Franc, and which is the Pinot Gris, but I'll know when the grapes color - although I won't let any grapes grow for at least a couple years.

I'll let this one grow some grapes next year though. This is the Merlot I bought at the Home Depot last year. It already had roots and all last year, so this year it is just taking off:

Next time I'll have to take some pics of my rosemary, sage, and thyme...

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I have a beautiful life... said...

The basil looks so wonderful.... when I walk by mine... I insist on rubbing the leaves a little with my fingers and then just keep smelling my fingers. I try to insist that Jacob and Bella smell my fingers too.... they both aren't into it as much though I suppose. Makes me want some tomatoes, cucs and basil salad tossed with some olive oil and balsamic over it. Yum! Oh... and some italian bread to soak up the juices afterwards.... double yum! =)