Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life Cycle

I was playing with the Macro Focus on the camera this morning. I wanted to show you the next stage of my cabbage's life cycle.

I did not expect any of the changes in this cabbage. I realize this may not be very interesting to anyone else, but I'm fascinated with how unexpected every stage has been. At first, I put it in the ground thinking another cabbage head would grow... that did not happen. Instead the "seed stem" shot up very quickly, and little yellow buds appeared. After a little research, I expected these yellow buds to turn brown and then burst releasing seeds for a new cabbage plant. Instead, the yellow buds unfolded into little yellow flowers.

Now, the little petals are falling off, and the pistil of the flower is elongating, so that all that is left is the enlarged pistil, with a little bright yellow tip. You can see the progression in this picture, starting with the flower at the top and then going following clockwise. There are some lone pistils below the flowers.

Perhaps it is these little yellow things that are supposed to turn brown and burst with seeds. We shall see.

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I have a beautiful life... said...

It bloomed... look at that!

I'm really glad you got another camera... I'm enjoying all the photos.