Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn

Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming an old lady.

When I was deciding where to eat lunch today, one of my concerns was "Where has the best outdoor patio?" It's an absolutely beautiful spring day, and I have this intense need to be outside. I decided on Gina's Pizza, because they have one of the best patios - it's not a solid cover, but more of a latticed patio, so enough sunshine gets through to warm you up, without being in direct sunlight and making you overheated.

I found a table at the edge of the patio, right next to a rosemary plant. The patio was relatively deserted, only a few other tables taken. It was very quiet and peaceful with the perfect amount of sun peaking through. I sat and ate my sandwich in this peaceful setting, reading the book that Bobby's mom gave me, One Hundred Years of Solitude. I'm only 20 pages in or so, but it's been a good read so far.

Near the end of my lunch, when I probably should have already been packing up and heading back to work, a group of eight or so college kids came and took up the two tables next to me. They were loud and boisterous... and shattered the quiet. I suddenly couldn't concentrate on my reading. I wanted to tell them to be quiet, but decided I was being a spoil-sport, and just packed up and went back to work.

Damn kids. :)

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I have a beautiful life... said...

That made me chuckle...
maybe because I can relate...
I use to feel that way at the old apartments.... come the weekend... those young ones made all kinds of noise.... which reminds me when I had my first studio at 18... my neighbor who was older would bang on my wall when I was being to loud with friends over and music on... I use to get so annoyed with him for doing that and thought HE was so rude.... clearly looking back now... I can see I was the rude one.