Monday, June 16, 2008

Fresh OJ

On Thursday morning I was making myself a smoothie/shake for breakfast - banana, plain yogurt, some frozen blueberries, mango sorbet, and orange juice. We didn't have any orange juice in the fridge (we usually don't), but we did have a few oranges in the bowl that needed to be eaten anyway, so I juiced them up for my smoothie/shake. I had a little of the OJ left over, and drank that while my shake blended. I was reminded how much I absolutely love freshly squeezed orange juice.

I have never loved store bought orange juice or OJ from concentrate - they are always just too tart, and I end up cutting them by as much as half with water. I do like Simply Orange juice, but nothing compares to freshly sqeezed. Drinking my little bit of fresh OJ, I began wishing I had an orange tree so I could juice my own oranges in the morning without having to buy all those oranges all the time.

Emma watched me juice some limes yesterday for the pico de gallo and guacamole, and asked if she could juice some oranges - claimed she'd never had freshly squeezed orange juice. So we picked the squishiest oranges out of the bowl and juiced them up for her. I had to have a sip of it. Mmm... tasty. Again, I wanted an orange tree.

I was craving fresh orange juice the moment I woke up this morning. Luckily I had enough oranges left to squeeze myself a glass to have with a slice of my banana bread for breakfast. I'm going to have to buy a big bunch of oranges on my way home today - at least until I have a tree.

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