Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Makes Me Sad

I admit it - I'm a Googlephile. I know that many of their services can be improved, but I'm still a big fan. One of the blogs I subscripe to is Googling Google - it basically keeps up with things Google is up to. This morning's post was really simple: Google colors their ads for Gay Pride week. Essentially, if you search for the word "gay" you'll see a rainbow stripe down the page to the left of the Ads section. Not for everyone, just if you search for "gay." It seemed a non-issue to me.

Reading through the comments at the bottom was really saddening. There were a number of commentators saying that because of this they would be ceasing to use Google products or support the company. There was a lot of outright gay bashing. I realize that living in Southern California I am often surrounded by people more accepting of homosexuality, but the outright hatred some people have is disturbing and saddening.

When I hear this kind of hatred being justified with religion, I want to point out that if these people actually followed their own religion, they would remmeber that it is not their place to judge - only God's - and refrain from judging and hating others. I'll admit that I am often very judgemental of others. But rarely do I express it out loud; it normally stays in my head. Why? Because I don't think I have the right to tell people how to live their lives.

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