Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Camera!

Bobby received a few Best Buy gift cards for his birthday, and was told not to use them for something he needed for the business. He thought a lot about what Best Buy would have that he really wants. He could think of two things - a camera, and a PS3.

We both need and want a camera, since both of ours have recently died. Although it is also something we need for the business, Bobby has been wanting to get a good camera to take scuba diving with him (he'll still need the underwater case before that can happen), and we have been sad that we have not been able to take pictures for events like his birthday. With his sister's high school graduation tomorrow, and the fact that a PS3 would mean putting some extra cash down as well, he decided to go for the camera.

We'd been doing a lot of research lately, knowing we would need a new camera. We both agreed on the make and model we wanted: the Canon SD870 IS. Bobby was particularly interested in the wide zoom of 28mm, and I was looking for the largest screen.

When we got home, Bobby had to take care of some things in the garage while I brought the goods in. Once he made it into the house, he expressed surprise that I hadn't already opened the box and assembled the camera.
"But it's your camera, not mine."

I didn't like the idea of taking over his birthday present, but Bobby said that since he'd taken over the use of my camera so much over the last year (since his had died), that this was definetly our camera, not just his. I still let him put it together, then I took to trying it out by photographing one of our favorite subjets - our furchild, Lucas. He'd taken a liking to the wrist strap, so the flash was a little close to his face, but I kind of like how it came out.

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