Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day BBQ

Bobby's cousin is moving to London for two years in a week or so, and as a sort of Father's Day celebration / sendoff for Ricky, Bobby and I had some family over for a barbecue today. Bobby's dad was driving across the country and his mom was working, so they couldn't be there, but we did have his brother, sister, uncle, cousins, second cousin, and my parents over.

When Ricky arrived he complimented the house and patio, and then said it was a perfect opportunity for us to have some "porch climbers." Huh? At first I thought he was joking about us having kids or something. "What's a porch climber?"
"It's a drink." Ohhh... He said all he needed was a pitcher.

Porch Climbers
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
equal amount of whiskey (just fill the now empty lemonade can; he used Canadian Whiskey)
2 cans beer (he used Tecate)
Mix all ingredients and stir, serve over ice

I have to admit, it was nice for an afternoon barbecue, although after a few the sugar starts to get to you. Later in the day we substituted the whiskey for tequila to make Beer Margaritas. I looked them up, and found a few different recipes for both porch climbers and beer margaritas, but we can play with the recipe some more in the future. I like the idea of using Limeade instead of Lemonade in the Beer Margaritas, and I wouldn't mind lightening up the porch climbers a bit by cutting them with club soda or something.

It was a really nice day for a barbecue - it did get really cloudy and cool off for a bit, but for most of the day it was a pleasant sunny day in the high 70s. Bobby's uncle Rich brought some marinaded carne asada and chicken, along with some freshly made corn tortillas, and I slow cooked some pork and made fresh guacamole and pico de gallo. Bobby's mom sent some rice, and I warmed up some black and pinto beans. Brian & Jess brought a watermelon and chips.

We spent most of the afternoon just chatting on the patio, chowing down, but the boys also played their instruments for a bit, and played a little Halo 3. My parents were nice enough to take Emma home (since she lives near them) so we could stay and watch the Laker game.

People started showing up just after noon, and the last left just before 11pm. Unfortunately, we forgot to pull out the camera, so I don't have any pictures to show you. I hope we can have more barbecues this summer - I really like having people over.

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Sounds like a very nice day... we also had a bbq... and like you... I did not pull out the camera even once. Shocker, I know. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and not think about capturing great shots. The drinks sound interesting... a beer margarita... hmmm...