Wednesday, April 27, 2005


There is this Yoga studio around the corner from my work and they are running a special: 7 (consecutive) days for $7. Normally a single class is $15 (they have packages, but once a week is still going to cost you about $60/month) so some girls from work and I signed up. Well, wanting to get our $7 worth, we've been every night this week (except last night, Taco Thursday takes priority) and we're going again tonight and probably tomorrow morning.

I love it! I'm probably going to sign up for 2-3 classes a week after this. I know I could sign up for a regular gym, pay less, and have access to the rest of the gym, but I love this studio. The classes are small (around 10 people, only about 20 max) so everything is really personal, and the meditation at the end is longer than the classes at the gym. By the time I leave I feel relaxed but not tired at all, even energetic (I know that sounds contradictory, but it's true). I've had more energy throughout the day (especially in the morning) than I usually do, and I sleep even better at night. And it's only been 3 classes.