Saturday, April 5, 2008

Herb Garden

When I woke up this morning, all I could think about was my need to plant an herb garden.

I have a few herbs left from last spring/summer - marjoram, oregano, sage, parsley, and my giant rosemary tree (it's taller than I am; needs to be cut back actually). But my thyme has been drowned out by the plant next to it, and my basil is long gone. Now that it's springtime, and everything is coming back to life, I thought it was time to plant some new stuff.

So as soon as I was up and presentable, I made my way over to Home Depot's garden center, and over to see the herbs. I picked up 4 basil, 2 thyme, 2 spearmint, 2 dill, an onion chive, and another italian flat leaf parsley. And a catnip plant. Did you know that only 2/3 of cats are affected by catnip? My cat is apparently one of the 1/3 that aren't.

While I was there, I also grabbed 2 different tomato plants, a Thompson seedless grapevine, and a pink jasmine. The grapevine and the jasmine are going in my courtyard off my bedroom - the gardners cleared away my passion fruit (I'm not sure if it just hadn't come back yet and they thought it was dead, or if it really was dead - it was just suddenly gone). Everything else is going in my little kitchen garden on the back patio.

Oh, and speaking of grapevines - they're alive! My little Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc look like they are going to pull through. They looked a little pekid at first, but now they have little green shoots. Add that to the Merlot in my kitchen garden and my new Thomson seedless, and I should have grapes coming out my ears one day.

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