Saturday, April 5, 2008

Riley's 1st Birthday Party

One of my best high school friend's son turned one a few weeks ago, and today we went to his birthday party. We don't often attend anything with a bunch of kids around, but we knew Emma would love it - they were renting a jump house and doing a pinata and everything.

Bobby and I often regret that we don't know many people with kids Emma's age. When she's with us, she's often by far the youngest person there (by at least 6 years), or she is significantly older than the other kids (again, around 6 years). She's a very sociable child, and though she handles it really well, we know how much she loves to play with kids near her age.

She often wishes her younger sister, Lily, could come with her when she visits with us, and we've told her that it's always okay with us - she just has to get permission from her mom. So occasionally Lily comes along as well. When I got home from Home Depot this morning with my new herbs et. al., I was pleasantly surprised to find that Lily had received permission to join us today.

We hadn't been at the party five minutes, and Emma and Lily were already making friends; shoes were off and they were in the jump house. Emma paired up with a boy that was just about her age, and they seemed stuck to one another the whole afternoon. He even went to get a peice of cake for her. (I started wondering if she was starting to develop an interest in boys, and if not, when that would be; she is already nine.) Lily, meanwhile, was off running around with another girl, just about her age (six) - mostly in the jump house.

Later, when the pinata was burst open (that was one of the sturdiest pinatas I've ever seen), Emma and Lily were both quick to scoop up as much candy as possible, but when they noticed some of the younger kids didn't get much, they quickly shared their loot.

Eventually, it was time to head home, and we'd promised to return Lily around 6pm. She was planning on asking if she could stay the night, but on the way back to Orange County, they both quickly passed out in the back seat. By the time we were arriving at their great-grandparents' house, she was ready to just crawl in bed. They'd really worn themselves out.

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