Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Brithday Colette

To celebrate her birthday, my friend Colette rounded up her friends for a tour of Temecula wine country. Rented a limo, picked out the wineries they wanted to visit, and spent a few hours partying it up.

The last winery of the trip was Ponte Winery - where Bobby and I just happen to be wine club members. Unfortunately we couldn't join them for the whole tour, but we did meet up with them at Ponte for a bit of tasting and a beautiful lunch.

First we took advantage of the free tasting that is part of our membership - I tried all the sweeter white wines they had (I was feeling summery), while Bobby decided he just wanted all six of his "tastings" to be of their Supertuscan.

Lunch was very nice - sitting outside on a rather warm Saturday afternoon. The waiter brought out some bread for us to start along with a wonderful champagne vinaigrette that I have since been trying to re-create; the waiter said it has scallions and garlic and champagne vinegar...

Overall, a good time. I wish wine country were a little closer to home, and that we could spend afternoons relaxing and socializing more often. Hmm.... perhaps this spring we can host some wine tastings at the house...)

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Freida said...

What a perfect way to spend a birthday... or any day for that matter!

Everybody looks VERY happy in the limo... I'm assuming on the way home from the wineries.

Great photos of you....