Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Bobby's friends Jon and Josh came over this evening. I didn't get home from work until around 7:30pm, and I immediately started making dinner (I was hungry). There was a left over cheese plate in the fridge - muenster, pepper jack, a Mediterranean style jack, garlic & spice Havarti, cheddar, edam, etc. - so I used it up making tuna melts. I think I had at least 3 kinds of cheese on each sandwich. Then I heated up some sweet onion soup to go with it.

Jon and Josh arrived just as I was finishing up dinner, so we sat around and ate and chatted. Then Jon spots the board games on the shelves and suggests we play Cranium. I am personally a big fan of board games, and the other eventually agreed to play too. We rolled for teams, with Bobby and Jon rolling the same number 3 times in a row, before we settled - Bobby and Josh v. Jon and me.

I can't draw very well at all, but apparently Jon can interpret my scribble when I draw w/ my eyes closed. Josh is a very good artist, but he often spent too much time or was too elaborate to get his point across. Bobby is excellent at acting out charades - he had to get Josh to guess bungee jumping, so he got up on the table, acted like he was tying his feet, and jumped off the table. When he had to do "saved by the bell" he grabbed some books off the shelf, ran and slid across the floor, and then banged on the symbols (yes, there is a drum set right there). It was a close game, but Jon and I eventually won.

Cranium isn't one of my favorite board games, but we had a good time. One of my favorites is Catch Phrase, and I also like Balderdash and Taboo. I love card games too - Rummy, Gin, Kanasta, Skip Bo...

We are thinking of having another Casino Night soon...

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