Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ice cream. I keep coming across ice cream recipes lately - on the food blogs I subscribe to, in the recent issue of Bon Appetit.... That Lemon Semifreddo I made recently was so lovely (I know, it's not quite ice cream, but it's close), and then I find Lemon Verbena Ice Cream, and I start dreaming about making my own. Because let's face it, where are you going to buy Lemon Verbena Ice Cream? It sounds like it would have such a light refreshing flavor, and I'm craving light refreshing flavors like mint, mango, lemon, strawberry, lime, orange.

So that of course leads me to ice cream makers. I don't have one, and of course, I want one. In my opinion, there are two kinds - the kind you have to freeze a bowl for in advance, and the kind that do the freezing and churning for you. Freezing a bowl 8+ hours in advance seems like a deal killer, since then not only am I losing precious freezer space, but I'd have to plan way in advance, instead of just deciding one Saturday afternoon that I would like to make some ice cream. So naturally, I'm drooling over the beautiful $300 Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker. Ridiculous, I know - how could I possibly buy that when I've never made my own ice cream before. What if I don't like the recipes I find and it winds up sitting in my closet?

But then of course, I'm looking at kitchen gagetry on Amazon, and I see Kitchen Aid Mixers. They are so pretty, and I start daydreaming about making my own bread. Cheapest one? $239. I had to close the windows on my screen. Walk away, Annette. Walk away.
Instead, perhaps I will try the no-machine method this weekend.

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Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Oh, that looks so good! I love ice cream in July, for some reason.

Thank you for the link - you have a lovely blog!