Monday, July 21, 2008


I've decided I need to plan better. Yes, me - a planner by nature - I've been terrible at this planning thing when it comes to my herbs and other plants. Remember my kitchen garden's humble beginnings? This is it in early April:

Everything on the lect hand side has since been pulled out or moved. The radicchio became ginormous and then fell over when I watered one day (apparently the roots are not very deep). The parsley and dill have been moved to pots, where I have decided all herbs should be in the future, except maybe basil. But my tomatoes - oh my tomatods! The are huge! I had tomato cages around them, but alas, the cages are only maybe 2 1/2 feet tall, whereas if I picked up the longest arm of either of my tomato plants, I couldn't even pick them up all the way. They may be six feet tall.

So instead, the branches are bent over the top of the cages, and growing along the ground like and vine. They may soon eat the basil. Odd, I was kinda hoping to eat the tomato and the basil together...

Both are starting to fruit, so there are green tomatos all over the place. The Lemon Boy is even starting to ripen a couple. Soon I will have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, and Bobby will be sick of me putting them on everything.

That grapevine in the back is going to have to be moved. it is no longer under 2 feet tall - it has now grabbed onto the roof and is trying to stretch across to the tree in the front yard. When it goes dormant this winter I think I will move it to the other side of the patio, so I can grow it along a mesh patio cover over the brick area. But I need to make sure that's where I want it this time. Plan it out...

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