Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Am Legend

Last night after we finished up the dishes, we all sat down to watch I Am Legend. Here is the synopis from

Smith, in a strong performance very different from his usual persona, is Robert Neville, the lone survivor in a New York City where streets are overgrown and deer gambol among deserted automobiles. Following an epidemic, the Earth's population has been turned into an army of nocturnal zombies. Immune to the virus, military scientist Neville searches for a cure in his Washington Square townhouse. Haunted by visions of his family leaving quarantined Manhattan two years prior, he drives through the city with his German Shepherd, Sam, by day and barricades his home from the monsters nightly. But when Anna (Alice Braga)--another immune stranger-finds him, they will have to fight the onslaught twice as hard.

This has to be one of the most suspensful movies I've ever seen. I lie - I didn't actually watch the whole movie. I couldn't sit through it, else I might have had a nervous breakdown. Let me add that there was no background music, at least during the really suspensful scenes (I wasn't paying attention during the rest of it). Just think about how the score adds to the oh-my-my-god-something-is-going-to-happen feeling, and then think about how suspensful the scenes have to be to do that without music. Like I said, I couldn't watch all of it. I had to get up and go wash my face, and other do other miscellaneous things until some scenes were over.

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