Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Archer Farms

For awhile now, I've been in love with this trail mix I get from Target: Archer Farms Monster Mix. It's peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. Pretty basic right? I think the peanut butter chips are a great addition, and I also love that it has a lot less sodium than other trail mixes - only 20mg per serving - so your lips don't feel all dry when you are done. I've even converted they guys at work. They buy random mixes from Trader Joe's and we share - and agree that this one is one of the best. Pretty economical too - I can get 40 oz. for $5.99.

I don't drink coffee, but Bobby and both our entire families do. Bobby's sort of a coffee snob - not the won't-even-drink-Starbucks kind, but the kind that hates Folgers. In fact, he likes Starbucks a lot, so we usually buy bags of the Starbucks beans at Target, but for kicks I grabbed a tin of the Archer Farms this time around. The "limited edition" Costa Rican kind was the only one that was whole bean, so that's the one I grabbed. (It's actually like $2 more than the Starbucks brand, so it better be good.)

The packaging was really nice. The beans were inside a normal coffee bag, inside of a nice tin. The label was really easy to pull off so you could use it for other coffees too, which I thought was nice. Then again, when/if I buy another one, I won't need another tin, in which case that would be wasteful.

This weekend I used the Archer Farms coffee when everyone was over. As we were sitting there watching Beauty and the Beast, Brian said, "Bobby, where'd you get this coffee? It's really good." Clearly, Brian is not aware that I do all the shopping; Bobby has even forgotten how to make coffee ("Babe, how many scoops do I use again?")

This is all a round about way of saying that although I've only tried out two of their products so far, I've been impressed with Archer Farms, and I'll be looking for other products of theirs to try. They've been building a brand new Target a block from the Target nearest my house, so hopefully it's one of those giant SuperTargets like the one in the District in Tustin. I can't wait for it to open.

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