Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beach Day!

It seems like forever between trips to the beach. It's July, and I think this is only our second trip this year. And we weren't really even planning on it - just sort of decided last minute.

I was out watering the succulents in the front yard (I rarely water them, but it's been particularly dry lately) and Bobby came outside and said, "Let's go to the beach."

We weren't quite ready, of course. Honestly, hadn't even brushed my teeth yet (midday, I know). But by 1:30 or so we were able to get ourselves together and out the door. It was a popular beach day, of course, so finding a parking spot was difficult. So by the time we made it down to Shaw's Cove, parked, and made camp, it was just before 3pm. Emma, of course, needed to be returned by 5pm.

It worked out well though. Bobby and Emma played in the water while I laid in the sun and read. It was enough time for Emma to capture some sand crabs, and for me to get a little burned where I missed with the sunscreen. It was warm and humid at the beach - bright but overcast simultaneously. On our way back, heading north on PCH, if you looked left the sky was white; look right and it was blue. We made a quick stop on the way back to eat something. It made us a little late, but we didn't want to return Emma hungry.

Once Bobby and I made it home, we collapsed on the bed and napped for an hour or so. Well, Bobby napped, and I tried to nap, but even laying there with my eyes closed made me feel more rested. Now that we are all cleaned up, I've baked some chocolate & butterscotch chip cookies, and we are going to relax and watch a movie. The end of a very busy weekend - a rather stark contrast to last weekend.

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