Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heat, Oranges, & WALL-E

Even though Emma staying with her great grandparents meant we didn't need to drive out to Norco for that reason... we still needed to go to Norco this weekend. Doomed to drive, I suppose.

My mom had left her reading glasses at my house, and Bobby needed to show his mom how to use some business software. So we hung around our house until 2:30pm or so, and then headed out.

It had been in the low 90s at home - the car thermometer read 104° when we arrived in Norco. So hot. Bobby, Brian, and the kids got ready to go swimming, and I headed over to my parents' house. I told my mom about how the orange juice she brought me had been left out and was infested with ants. Then she shows me her stash and asks if I want more.

Fide, a longtime family friend (she used to live with us when I was young, and now cleans my, my mom's, and my uncle's houses on a regular basis) has a friend that picks oranges to sell on the side of the road. He gave her tons of oranges that were the "ugly" ones - the ones with discolorations that people don't like to buy but are perfectly good. Fide brought my mom two large baskets of them, and she's been juicing a few each morning.

Ah! I'm so jealous! I too have been trying to juice my own orange juice but at 3 to (preferably) 4 oranges a day, I'm going through lots of oranges. Instead of juicing me more oranges, mom just gave me a big bagful. Oh, I can't wait for orange juice.

I headed back to the Mahoneys' and since I was still exhausted from the holiday excitement, I tried my best to take a nap on the couch. When Bobby's mom came home from work, she made up some steak tacos, and soon we were rushing to the theater to see an 8:20pm showing of WALL-E. Seriously, where does the day go? Like five minutes ago we were eating breakfast, right?

WALL-E was so cute! I don't know how Pixar just keeps churning out the wonderful movies, but they do. Bobby and Emma even said this one may just be their favorite of the Pixar films! I had heard that the movie was good, but not as good as the others, and that the second half was not as good as the first half. I have to disagree with both of those. Not only was it a great movie, in league with the other movies, but I enjoyed it from start to finish. (Ratatouille is still my favorite though.) Even the short before the film was hilarious. It's truly amazing how the animators and storytellers can illicit such emotion without using any words. This new one is surely one of their best shorts.

After the movie, I really wanted to get home and to bed. Bobby still had to go over the software with his mom, but Erica had driven my Civic home the night before (so she could stay later), so Bobby and I were driving seperately anyway. Emma came with me, and we stopped at the store on the way so we could have a nice breakfast in the morning. We'd only been home 10 minutes or so when Bobby walked in to find us juicing some oranges. No, we couldn't wait until morning.

This morning we had even more orange juice. We must have been really tired, because Bobby and I were able to sleep until 9:30am. Unheard of. I never sleep this late. OK, there are exceptions.

I also finally got around to trying out a crepe recipe. You may recall I fell in love with some crepes at the cafe down the street from my house, and I've been looking for a good recipe ever since. Due to all the comments about time, I started the filling on Thursday night, when Bobby was in Norco with Emma, and now that I had more eggs, and more milk, I was ready to make the crepes themselves. They came out good but not great - I must agree with one commenter that they tasted sort of like chicken pot pie. In fact, maybe I'll use this sauce recpie in a chicken pot pie, since I'm still looking for a good recipe for that. I need to keep hunting or experimenting for my crepes though.

Emma is still asleep. Ah, how I miss summer vacations. We should wake her up soon though - don't want to waste the whole day.

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Fresh squeezed orange juice is the best! When we lived in Florida... I could remember my grandpa every morning going out back and picking oranges from the tree and making juice for the morning... he'd also pick a grapefruit... cut it in half... and with a bit of sugar sprinkled on top... have that for breakfast.

Some people prefer to buy the no pulp OJ at the store... but I just love the pulp... it reminds me of it being fresh squeezed.

We should be able to juice starting next year... as this is the first year we put the citrus trees in... they are all still little guys at this point.