Monday, October 1, 2007

Warm & Cozy

This weekend I was at the grocery store and I caught a whiff of those cinnamon pinecones. I love that smell this time of year. I start envisioning myself holding a mug of Apple Cider or Hot Cocoa or a Chai Latte, just inhaling the yummy smells coming out the top.

I know it's still warm outside, and fall has only just begun, but I can't help getting a little excited. The beginning of a new season is always exciting, especially when the temperatures promise to turn around. I start thinking of waking up in the morning to hear the rain coming down, or curling up on the couch in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket, reading a book or watching a DVD with a fire in the fireplace, or spending time with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

By the time March rolls around, I'm sure I'll be longing for the day I can finally pull my skirts back out of the closet, but for now, I'm excited to pull out my coats and scarves.

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