Monday, October 15, 2007

Ok, What I Meant Was....

So that post the other day, romanticizing about the colder weather on it's way - I'd like to clarify that I like that weather when I'm snuggled up in my blankets, or a wool coat and scarf... not inside my office.

Working in an office of mostly men means that the "desirable" temperature for the office is about 8°-10° cooler than I would like it to be. Today it was 61° outside, and I'm pretty sure it was only 4° warmer in here - I think 65° is the default. Me - I like 72°-75° the best.

But I'm outnumbered - so I will wind up sitting here in my overcoat, clutching my cup of green tea, waiting for the end of the day when I can get home to my jammies.

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