Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Visiting Baby Alora

Middle of last week my mom called me. If she and my dad were to go visit my sister and the new baby in Colorado did I want to come? Yes. So we did. Mom had been looking at plane tickets - it would be cheaper to buy a ticket to visit my brother and his wife in Italy than to fly to visit my sister in Colorado. We left Friday night, drove 13.5 hours, visited for 26 hours, then drove 13 hours home. That's right, the trip and the visit were approximately the same length. We were all glad that we did though, because as un-fun as that drive is, we were all glad to see Jessica and her family. The baby is healthy and was very well behaved (at least while we were there).

As soon as we got there, I needed three things - to take a shower, brush my teeth, and take a nap. So I did them in that order. Half way into what became a two hour nap, I was awakened by the sound of a drill. My parents were hanging a screen door in the doorway of the nursery - which happened to be where I was napping. You see, my sister has two cats (in addition to two dogs), and the cats had taken to the nursery. They liked hanging out on the changing table, etc. You don't really want a bunch of cat hair and dander where your baby is, so they needed some way to keep the cats out of the nursery while still being able to hear the baby if she were crying.

My parents need projects to keep them busy. When Jessica & Nathan got married, that project was digging up boulders in the back yard. This time it was the screen door. I told Jessica that next time she needs to be prepared and have a project ready. That way they aren't just picking something.

Thankfully Dad didn't want to interrupt my nap, so he only did two of the screws until I finished my nap. We all played with the baby that afternoon, and Nathan's parents joined us all for dinner. It was fairly relaxing. Then yesterday Mom & Dad worked a little more on the screen door, and Jessica made us all breakfast. In the afternoon we headed out.

We made it home around 3:30 this morning, but I'd already told work that I wouldn't be in, so I tried to rest and did some normal weekend chores.

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