Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Strange Encounter

We picked Emma up and went over to Shakey's to pick up dinner. Thankfully we'd called the order in beforehand, because the line took forever. While we were standing in line, Emma was debating out loud whether she should be a writer or a marine biologist when she grows up. We told her she could be both.

The guy behind us was listening, and started saying something to Bobby about his 2 year old over holding the table with her mom. Then somehow he's stretching the arm of his shirt to show bobby the tattoo on his pec - not sure what it was, but the guy was totally tweaking. He was shaking, and couldn't hold still, and eventually had his feet on the counter and his arms on the bar behind him doing those reverse push up things. I looked over at him and noticed that the tattoo on his neck read "F*ck You" in cursive.

Um... who they heck tattoos that on their neck?! He was clearly on something very strong. Emma was just ignoring him (thankfully) and continuing her conversation with me. She glanced over at him one time, paused, and then turned back at me with this what-a-weirdo look on her face. I felt bad for his two-year-old.

We were also glad that we'd placed the order to go, because all we wanted to do was get out of there.

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