Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

This morning Emma called. Bobby said he thinks that is the first time Emma has called him instead of her just being put on the phone. She wanted to know what time and how long Caelyn's birthday party was. Bobby told her that it was at 1pm, and that he expected it to run two or three hours, and she asked if he could pick her up at 12:30 so she could go. "Of course!"

We were a little surprised by it, but we were both glad she could come.

We picked her up and stopped at Target to pick up a gift. When we were leaving Target it was just starting to sprinkle. By the time we were entering Norco on the freeway (a mere exit away) I swear we were again in a monsoon. The birthday party was rather mellow, which was nice for a rainy Saturday afternoon. Emma had a good time, and after a few hours (when she was supposed to be back) she asked if she could stay longer, so she called home and asked if she could come home later, which she did. She did eventually have to get back though, and wasn't too happy when that time came.

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