Thursday, September 20, 2007

Smart(phone) Decisions

I finally caved last week and said we could go down to AT&T to get Bobby a smartphone. He'd been looking at the iPhone, and the Blackberry Curve. Then I told him about something I'd read in Fortune Magazine about the founder of He uses an AT&T 8525 - bought it the same day the iPhone came out and mentioned he thinks he was the only one in the store not buying an iPhone. So then, of course, Bobby wants to look at the 8525, which is also the most expensive smartphone AT&T offers.

He eventually decided on that one. It has Windows Mobile, so you can open Word and Excel and PDF documents on it; it has Wi-Fi, a touch screen and a scroll wheel, and just about everything else, and is 3G. The iPhone only has two features over this phone - the visual voicemail, and the nature of the touchpad. But the iPhone lacks a number of more useful features that this phone does have.

Today he picked me up from work a little early so we could try to get the phone before picking Emma up, but both the shop in Norco and the shop in Mira Loma said they didn't have the phone in stock. When we walked into the second shop to ask, they guy answered with "Nah, no one carries them. They are too expensive to carry in store, so anywhere you go they'll have to order it." Hm... I'm guessing that's because this is Mira Loma. They'll have them in stock at the shop near South Coast, if they don't have it in Fullerton.

After we dropped Emma off at the end of the evening we headed to the AT&T store in Fullerton, and sure enough, they had the 8525. So we renewed the agreement on one of our lines so we could get the good price on the phone. Bobby then stayed up all night setting it up.

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