Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dinner with a Baby on the Way

This afternoon we packed up and headed to my parents' house. We had planned to harvest the Pinot Noir grapes and have a nice dinner. We also brought out my old cell phone to drop at Bobby's parents' house for his Nana. Her phone had died and she needed a new one, but we were trying to figure out how to take care of that without setting up a new contract. I keep my old phones, so it worked out well. But the SIM card we had gotten for Emma (her mom wouldn't let her have a phone, but we already had a contract) was in her firefly that I'd given my mom. She'd purchased a firefly for my Gpa, and wanted it for spare parts, so we stopped there to get the SIM card out, put it in my old phone, and I started deleting all the numbers saved to the phone. I explained why I was doing all this to my mom, and she said, "Oh, I have a spare phone too." Cingular doesn't sell fireflies, they just support them, so when she'd set my Gpa up, she'd received a free phone. It was still in the box. She gave it to us for Nana, which was great, because my old phone was only about 95% reliable - it liked to shut off at random. But now Nana has a brand new phone and no purchases were made.

Bobby went to drop that off while my parents and I crushed the grapes for wine, and my mom finished dinner. My brother Aaron & his wife Patrica (with Jonah in tow), my aunt Lisa & her boyfriend Nigel, and my mom's friend Nicole & her husband Steve also came by for dinner. It was a nice time - we all sat around drinking different wines and eating a fabulous meal - the same amazing tri-tip my mom made last time, but this time with ratatouille, and a spinach and egg salad with hot bacon dressing. Mmm, so good. Each time the phone rang my mom ran to it (like my siblings and I did back in high school) " Oh, did she have the baby yet?" At around 5ish (our time) Jessica was at 3cm. At 8:30, 3.5cm. They were going to give her an epidural just so she could get some sleep. (My guess is she'd not only been in labor all day, she'd stayed up late the night before, since she is now on her husbands late schedule. Mom and I flirted with the idea of just going out to Cedaredge to be with Jessica, but then we checked prices on flights. It's expensive to fly to the middle of nowhere. I'm really glad she's doing this in the hospital...

We just got home, and I asked Bobby if he wanted to go to bed or watch a movie. I didn't state a preference, because I was leaning towards just going to bed, but that preference was making me feel old. Honestly, it was 10:30. Who goes to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend? Bobby responded with, "I want to say watch a movie, because I feel lame going to bed this early, but that's what I would rather do." I feel the same way, love.

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