Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alora Arrives

My sister called to say that she had Alora Lee at 11:41pm (her time) last night.

Jessica had bought some brand new 400 thread count sheets and was excited to climb into bed. But as soon as she and Nathan went to bed (they go to bed when he gets home from work well past midnight), her water broke on her brand new sheets.

Her labor was progressing really slowly, and they'd given her some medication to help speed it up. That still wasn't doing the trick, so they gave her an epidural at around 9:30 (her time) so she could get some rest. Almost immediately after she had the epidural, she began dialating rapidly, and Alora was born in the next few hours.

I'm really glad she was in the hospital. She and the baby are healthy and they expect the doctor to send them home today.

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