Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally - Rest

The last few weekends have seemed so busy, spending all day one day doing chores while Bobby worked on his parents' pool, and then going out to help with the kids on the second day while he stayed outside working on the pool some more. Both the weeks and weekends seem to end before they begin, and I've been longing for some quality rest time.

Sure, I still did some chores - cleaned the kitchen, dining room, and living room - but I spread them out over the today and tomorrow, so didn't seem like near as much work. Bobby had an interview for a new pipe fitter early this afternoon, so he stayed home for the day.

For breakfast, I made pancakes from scratch again, with sausage and eggs (I love breakfast!), and after I finished cleaning up the house, I made a light lunch - grilled some polska keilbasa, corn on the cob, and zucchini. There is something wonderfully satisfying about lunching on my back patio, and today was such a beautiful day. I felt peaceful and rested even though I hadn't yet rested.

That was next though. Now that I had finished what I wanted to get done, I spent a good few hours sitting in one of the sky chairs on the patio, reading a fantasy novel I picked up recently - Karavans. It was so nice to just relax and do something completely unnecessary.

I made some shredded pork fajita tacos for dinner, along with some salsa fresca made with tomatoes from my garden, and guacamole made with some of my salsa fresca. After dinner, Bobby and I climbed in the car with the intention of seeing The Dark Knight with Brian and Jessica. On the way there I remembered that I had wanted to see it in IMAX, but there wasn't an IMAX showing at a reasonable time. The boys were getting up early and going to work on a jobsite in Brea.

But we drove out to Norco anyway, and after tucking the kids in bed, we left them with their nana and instead spent a little while at a local dive bar, playing pool and having a couple drinks. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a dive bar - they are so much more relaxed than other places.

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