Monday, August 11, 2008

Bee Inspection

The Bee Man came out to the house today. I showed him where we suspected a hive, and when I mentioned that you could see them from the roof, he jumped right on up the fence and onto the roof.

He said we definitely have a hive, and went over our options. We could have him spray and kill them right then, or we could do a live removal later in the week. If we chose to have them sprayed, they still recommend having the hive removed, because once the bees stop caring for all that honey, it would just start oozing into the drywall, and attract rodents and other bees.

I asked if we get to keep any of the honey, but he said that since it's in our wall, there's a good chance it has insulation or other building materials inside it, and we wouldn't want to eat it anyway.

We had already decided we wanted to keep the bees alive, so we made the appointment for Friday. I'm excited to watch and take pictures.

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