Friday, August 8, 2008

Heat Ultra Lounge

Bobby's been working on a number of projects at the new GardenWalk nearby. A couple of weeks ago we checked out Pop the Cork, and we spent this evening at the now open Heat Ultra Lounge.

An old high school friend of mine was finishing up her very last final, and wanted to go out on the town. I had mentioned the club last week, and she called the other day to see if we wanted to join her. So when Bobby came home from his time with Emma, we got dressed up and headed out.

Since a a few of her other friends came out, we had a sizable group, and had bottle service at one of the larger tables. The club looks really nice, and the sound was great. They played a healthy mix of music - some rap, hip hop, house, Michael Jackson, and even a little Pink Floyd. I only danced a little bit, so Bobby and I spent most of the evening watching the crowd and the go-go dancers.

It was a slower night, but it was still a really good time. We decided we should come back sometime. It's nice having a little more nightlife closer to home.

Some reviews of Heat Ultra Lounge: LA Times, OC Register

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