Friday, August 1, 2008

Manning the Brewery

Aaron and Patricia went up to Mammoth this weekend for a beer festival, so I agreed to take a half day at work to man the brewery for the growler fills.

It was a slow day. I think Aaron had told the regulars that they would be out, and some of the regulars even went up to the festival with him to pour beer. But after work it started to pick up, and people that came in to buy one style tasted others and wound up buying another growler so they could take home two styles.

Dad was there to help me out, and make some keg deliveries to local restaurants carrying Bootlegger's. One local place recently took Widmer off tap so they could add Bootlegger's Old World Hefe. That was pretty exciting.

It is nice to hear all the praise for Aaron's beers, and I'm glad to see business slowly ramping up.

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