Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What to Wear?

I went shopping for a dress because all the dresses I own are black. Jessica had told me it had been warm lately, but I checked the weather forecast which indicated either rainstorms or snow. "Oh yeah, it does that for part of the day."

Hmmm... That's not sunny and warm. When I was looking for a dress all I could find were warm weather dresses. This is California - in May - no warm clothes... you couldn't even find heavy socks if you needed them.

I called Jessica to see what the other girl in the wedding was wearing (color? pattern?) but she had no idea. Great. I picture myself wearing some brown & cream pattern and the other girl wearing a floral pink and purple or something.

"Just wear whatever you want." She is no help whatsoever.

I found a couple dresses I felt lukewarm about, and then came across one I actually really liked. $280. Hmm...

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