Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Bobby!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the Irvine Improv listing Dana Carvey as an upcoming act. I checked the dates and prices. Neither the email or the Improv website had a picture or a bio up yet, and the price was so good, I was questioning whether it was the real Dana Carvey or someone with the same name (I know, how likely is that, but you never know) But he was performing on Bobby's birthday, so I bought four tickets. The site was later updated with a pic and bio - all was good.

So last night Brian & Jessica joined us for some birthday comedy. We were originally going to eat dinner at Javier's (sort of an upscale Mexican restaurant), and then go to the Improv, but when I called the Improv to see if they would hold a good table for us (I figure most places will give you special treatment if you tell them it's your birthday - and can prove it) they said no. Even if we got there early, they seat diners first, and that night they had 200 people scheduled as "diners" out of the 300 tickets sold. So basically, we eat there, or we have bad seats. We chose to eat there - We were fourth in line... so we sat almost on the stage. I actually had my feet up on the stage. We couldn't have been closer.

The food was decent, the boys drank a lot of alcohol, Carvey was hilarious. Brian was laughing so hard while Carvey was telling one of his jokes, that he actually caused Carvey to start laughing. He points to Brian and tells him to stop making him laugh.

When the show was over, Jessica and I were ready to go home, but the boys were drunk and wanted to keep drinking, so we reluctantly went to Yard House. They had one more round before they (thankfully) closed up. The boys were actually a bit obnoxious, but it was Bobby's birthday, so c'est la vie. He actually apologized for his behavior the next day, even though I'd already forgiven him.

Overall, it was a great birthday celebration. Funny how things just work out like that sometimes.

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