Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bizarre Episode

I've mentioned that my family is now taking turns staying at my house to watch Gma. She can't be alone now, and this is why:

Today, she was supposed to be taking a nap, and my cousin Rachel, who was there to watch her, decided to take one too. Well, Gma didn't take a nap - she started packing... for when it's time to go home. By the time she was caught, she'd packed up the whole linen closet, and a bunch of her bathroom and bedroom.

This is not the first time she thought that this wasn't home: she has referred to the house as a rental, told my aunt that she's only been here about 12 months, and Sunday morning she told me "This place is nice, but I hope they let me go home soon." I don't think she knew who I was when she told me that; she's always referred to my Gpa as 'grandpa' with me, never by his name - but this time she told me she wanted to go visit 'Jim' today because she hasn't seen him in weeks (it had been a day and a half). Also admitted that when she woke up she wasn't sure where she was, but then realized that she knew 'some of these people.' Really sucks knowing there is nothing you can do.

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