Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beautiful Afternoon

Today was so beautiful! It was that perfect temperature between cool and warm. I had one of those everything-is-right-with-the-world moments, and was wishing I didn't have to work so I could just lounge around all the time the way I was right then.

In the morning I went to Costco with Mom, Gma, and my aunt Lisa. We went for 3 purposes: a pull down shade for Bobby's Nana's apartment, one of those outdoor space heaters (the kind they have at restaurants) for Gma (her circulation is really poor, so she gets cold often, and some camisole/tanks for all... We came home with $500 worth of stuff, not including a shade or space heater. We'd seen the shade, but there was no way we could have gotten it home since there was all four of us in my little Civic, and the wheelchair we brought to push Gma around. I'm impressed we fit all we did buy into the car.

When we got back to the house, we barbecued up some chicken and carne asada and had a nice meal on the patio complete with a very nice Sauvignon Blanc (I love lunch on weekends), then we lounged around on the hammock and in the sky chairs. Mom and I walked around in our bare feet watering the plants, including my new basil plant (I'm trying really hard not to use it until there is a lot, otherwise I'll eat the plant and have to just buy a new one).

When we were lounging on the patio, I went in the back room to let Bobby know that he need not worry, I'd be back to work soon (he was working on the logo, I was supposed to be setting up the QuickBooks file for the company), it was just too lovely out to come in just yet. I finally get back there... and he's passed out on the couch. He'd been working so hard this week, trying to get his work done for his employer and get his first job coordinated. Up early and late every day. So I just let him sleep, and snuck back out onto the patio, but the hammock had been absconded with.

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