Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Day before the Wedding

After our naps we went out for lunch at the Apple Shed. They have a little cafe, and a sort of gallery/store, selling furniture and artwork and handmade Indian blankets, etc. We ate a nice lunch and walked around for a bit. After that we went with Jessica down to the chapel to meet the person in charge there and so Jessica could pay for it. Really nice little chapel, very small. Then Jessica took us to her place and showed us around; pointed out the shed in the back where she is going to set up her potter's wheel - she just needs to get power out there.

Nathan's parents and grandparents came over, and we all chatted for awhile as everyone got to know one another. Jessica got ready to go - we were all going out to dinner with Nathan's family at the restaurant he works at - but was having a hard time finding something to wear. She and Nathan had brought their refrigerator with them from California, but the house they were renting had one already, so they were going to trade with some girl Jessica works with the extra fridge for a washer & dryer, but they just hadn't gotten around to trading and Jessica hadn't had time to got to the laundromat, so they were running out of clean clothes. Mom decided that the next morning we would come get all her laundry and wash it as a sort of wedding gift.

We had dinner at the Fireside, which is the restaurant that both Jessica and Nathan work at. Nathan was working, so he prepared a good chunk of our food. It was another chance for Mom, Dad, and I to spend time with Nathan's family, and everyone got along well. After dinner, we dropped Jessica off, we told her we'd be there between 9 and 10am to pick up her laundry. I was exhausted and went to my room to crash, though checking email and chatting with Bobby kept me up a little later than I'd hoped.

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