Sunday, May 6, 2007

Jessica & Nathan's Wedding

Unfortunately the alarm clock in the hotel room was set for 6:25am, so my sleep was interrupted yet again. After breakfast, Mom, Dad, and I went over to Jessica's, but she wasn't there. It was about 9:30am. The door was open so we knocked. Nathan's car was there, maybe he was home. He was sleeping. When he came out, we asked where Jessica was. "I have no idea." We apologized for waking him up, but told him we were there to steal his laundry, and Dad was going to start working on powering Jessica's workshop in the back. So we compiled the laundry in question, and left Dad to dig his ditch.

The amount of laundry involved was insane, and all of it was covered in dog and cat hair and damp. Now, I have a cat, and he sheds a decent amount, but I try to make sure I remove it from myself after I pet him. After we sorted and started the 8 loads of wash, we went down to the hardware store for laundry baskets and some tape so I could get the hair of me. Jessica found us there.

We went back and switch the laundry, I taped more hair off myself, and then we went back to the Apple Shed to buy a blanket for Gma. Then we went back and fold laundry, and I taped more hair off myself.

By the time we made it back to Jessica's it's past noon and everyone has already arrived for their BBQ. Dad is in the back yard and has recruited Nathan and his brother Neil to help him get a giant boulder he's uncovered out of the ground (yes, I have pictures) while Nathan's dad and grandpa watch. In the house Jessica, Nathan's grandmothers, and her friend (who was also in the wedding) were putting the boutineers together.

After eating Jessica and Nathan opened presents. They got a lot of cash, and his grandparents bought them gift certificates for Sears for a washer and dryer. Also one of those square barbecues and some cooking stuff. My grandma Korky, and aunts Kandy, and Timi sent along some really nice olivewood cooking spoons and a serving dish (the olivewood spoons were especially nice). And they announced that Mom & Dad were paying for the wedding.

We eventually went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the wedding. At this point it was snowing outside, so there was no way I was wearing my dress until we actually got to the chapel (sunny and warm my ass). So Dad went with Nathan's dad to his place, and after Mom and I did our hair and makeup we went over to Jessica's. She still hadn't done more than take a shower - she had less than an hour and needed to do her makeup and wanted to straighten her hair. I straightened her hair, and before I had finished she had to start doing her makeup - already running late. We finally get her out the door and it is really snowing.

We arrived at the chapel and finished getting ready, then waited in the little changing room for the ceremony to start. It was a short ceremony. Jessica cried and Nathan had a big smile on his face the whole time. They both looked nice, Nathan's brother wore a pink and black tie and pink and black converse; my dress was brown and cream and the other girl wore a wine colored dress. They were cracking jokes and laughing during the ceremony. They signed the Marriage Certificate and we all took pictures with 8 different cameras, then we headed to the restaurant for the reception.

We were heading home after dinner, so we stopped by Jessica's to drop off some stuff before heading out. When Mom got back in the car, she said that all the olivewood utensils they had just received were in shreds all over the floor. Vixen strikes again.

We got back to the hotel, packed up, and headed out. I hadn't had any alcohol, so I was first up. We again made excellent time. We left Cedaredge at 10pm (Mountain), stopped for breakfast in Vegas, got back on the road before the Cinco de Mayo, fight weekend Vegas traffic began, so we had clear sailing and were back in Norco at 10:30am. Glad to be home.

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