Saturday, April 28, 2007

Crazy Day

Yesterday around 10am, my boyfriend sends me an instant message that says his gramps is dying. His gramps is actually his great grandpa, who is 96 years old. He's got what they call a "death rattle" in his lungs, which usually means that's it.

My boyfriend and his dad were trying to book flights up to Seattle in order to see him before he died. Turns out same day flights are $240, so I sent my mom an email. My parents have a lot of frequent flyer miles, and they pretty much only use them to fly people to funerals or to visit dying family members. So thanks to my mom, he got a 4pm flight out of John Wayne. He's going to meet me at work, and we're going to leave a car there until he gets back. So at 12:54 he calls me - he just remembered he took the train, and needs to know when the next train out of Union Station is. 2:50pm (he just missed the 12:45). Uh, that's not going to work.

So I leave immediately to go pick him up, but as I'm getting off the freeway he calls back. He's going to take the metro line to the Norwalk station and I should meet him there. I swear we had just enough time to get home, pack up some clothes, and drive to the airport.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but this will be the longest we've been away from each other since we started dating.

After I'd ran a bunch of errands, picked up something to eat, and switched my car for his at the train station, I was pooped and decided to take a bath. But my bath was interrupted by his older half sister. Her mom died a few years back, and her relationship with their dad and the rest of the family became strained at the time.

So Rhonda calls the house, and my Gma tells me through the bathroom door: she's called his cell twice and he didn't answer and wants to know where he is. (Apparently she can't just leave a message or trust that he'll see she called and will call back). So I tell her, he has both his phones, he's in Seattle visiting their Gramps (cause he's her's too) because he's dying. She responds with "Oh my god!" and I begin to tell her I just talked to him on his personal cell, and I can give her the number... The line is totally dead, no one is there. I don't know if her cell dropped the call or if she hung up. So I call Bobby to tell him about the conversation and encourage him to call her. As far as I'm concerned it's her own fault that she didn't see their gramps when he was out for a month last summer, but she probably feels bad now. Bobby calls back later - if Rhonda calls back, tell her he tried to call her twice but it said her phone was out of service. I'm guessing she didn't pay her bill again and they cut her service in the middle of our phone call.

It's really weird sleeping alone now - I'm so accustom to him being there. But not hearing the alarm go off every 10 minutes starting at 4:30am is nice. I talked to Bobby a couple times today, and his gramps is actually doing better, and they were thinking of releasing him. I'm glad he made the trip - this way if something happens next week or so, he'll be glad he spent some time with his gramps beforehand. I'm looking forward to him coming home tomorrow, even though it means I have to give him back his car...

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