Friday, April 6, 2007

The PTO Deficit

I have to try to be good now and save my vacation. I'm looking at using some this year in either late August or early September so I can take a long weekend and visit Jessica & Nathan. I've been watching flight prices, and they seem to stay pretty static at $345 for round trip... so it looks like we'll be driving.

I'm also planning a European vacation for next September. Going to Oktoberfest again, Cortona, and then Madrid or Portugal. I'd like to make a 2 week trip, and I'd like to have 3 weeks of vacation saved by the time I go. As it is right now, if I use 2 days to go to Colorado, take 2 weeks in Europe, and want to have a week left over at that time, I need restrict myself to 5 other vacation days between now and September 2008. Ugh.

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