Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The New Whole Foods Market

I finally stopped at the new Whole Foods market they built in Tustin after work today. I planned on making a nice Valentines Day dinner, and was in need of some Fontina cheese. I had heard that the new Whole Foods had an impressive selection of vegetables and meats and cheeses, so I decided to check it out.

OMG. I was in heaven. All the things I can never find at the grocery store or Trader Joe's - two different kinds of radicchio, broccolini, loose oyster, shitake, and other wild mushrooms so you can pick out the ones you want. And they must have had over 100 different cheeses - including my needed Fontina.

They have an amazing salad bar inside, and prepare food right there in the store. I'm definitely going to have to swing by for lunch one day.

I think I may leave Trader Joe's now, unless I just need something minor. I'm definitely hitting up Whole Foods for all my veggie and cheese needs from now on...

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