Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Mission: Pilates in the AM

I purchased a Pilates video. My goal is to start waking up early and go through the 20 minute workout each day. Some friends have recenlty been raving about Pilates, and I need to do something to be more active. I would love to go back to the yoga studio near work, but it's quite pricey, and I'm really trying to be more fiscally conservative. So instead, we are adding me to Bobby's gym membership for 15% of the cost of the yoga studio, and I bought this DVD.

I'm hoping to feel an increase in my energy level, and I would, of course, love to improve my muscle tone. Sitting at a desk all day leaves me feeling a little drained, and it does nothing for my general physical health. Bobby and I really should both be up at 5am, but 7 seems to be more likely. I need a task, a motivation. Perhaps if we both need to wake up early, we'll be less inclined to stay curled up in bed. We'll see if I can stay with it.

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