Sunday, March 2, 2008

Temecula Wine Tasting

In early July or so, Bobby and I were headed down towards San Diego and needed to make a pit stop. Since we were in Temecula, we decided to stop at one of the wineries and do a short wine tasting while we were at it. We made the appropriate exit, and after passing quite a few I told him to just stop at the next one. We wound up at Ponte Winery.

After enjoying a number of the wines, we decided to sign up for the wine club. The cost was just the purchase of two bottles of wine, at a discount, and signing up for 8 shipments a year of two bottles. As a perk, you can get free tastings for two people any time you visit the winery. Bobby had particularly liked the Super Tuscan, and I was taken with the Juliet, a sweet rose, so we bought those and signed up. We haven't been back since.

It's not really surprising - Temecula is close, but not that close, and we've been incredibly busy lately. Other than sharing the Juliet with a friend, and using the Sherry they sent as a Christmas gift when making French Onion Soup, we really haven't popped open any of the Ponte Wine. In November, no one was home to sign for our shipment, so it was returned. We have since been meaning to make a trip back for a tasting and to pick up that shipment, but alas, we have not had time.

After wine tasting with my friend last week, we made plans to go tasting in Temecula today. She was the person we shared the Juliet with and she was a big fan. Our party went from two to three when I invited Bobby's sister-in-law to come along - we'd been so busy I hadn't seen her in about a month, and I was looking forward to catching up. Unfortunately, my friend then had to cancel, so our party was back down to two.

Jessica and I each chose different wines each time so we could try as many different wines as possible. I find it interesting how my tastes have changed in such a short time. Granted, I'm often in the mood for one style of wine or another - sometimes I want a light, sweet wine, sometimes a heavier dry wine - and it often has something to do with the weather, but I found I enjoyed some wines I hadn't even remembered from last time, and I was less impressed with others that I had previously enjoyed very much. I'm not sure how much of the difference was just me being fickle, and how much was because I've been trying a lot more wines lately. No other wine made this change more clear than the Zinfindel Port that we both had as our last tasting.

When Bobby and I came the first time, that was one of my favorites. I'm quite fond of Port, though I hadn't had it much before then. We didn't buy it at the time because I couldn't think of an occasion when I would open it. I have since been trying Port more often, and even purchased a bottle of Ruby Port that I've been drinking at home. After having a 20 year old Tawny Port at my parents' house, Bobby and I decided we prefered that to the Ruby Port. When I tasted the Zinfindel Port this time around, I found myself comparing it, and deciding I prefer my relatively inexpensive Port at home.

Before we left, I checked on our missing November shipment. Turns out November was not two bottles, but a magnum of Zinfindel. Our first magnmum.

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Freida said...

You came to Temecula and I did not get to see you! =(
The last time I saw you was at Ponte actually... almost 2 years ago... on the 19th of March it will be two years (Happy Anniversary to Us!)
I miss Ponte.... we are so close yet haven't been back up there in about a year.
I hope you start using your wine tastes a little more often.... but please come by to see me next time.