Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Mind Is On Vacation

I've been feeling rather worn out lately. Too much to do, too little time; too many stresses, not enough control over them. The days go by too quickly, and I'm not prepared enough for the next few months, but there is little I can do but wait it out.

Then yesterday a coworker mentions his grandmother has a place in Lucca, Italy, but she has to actually go there and claim it by living in it for 6 months. Suddenly my thoughts return to my trip to Italy a few years ago, and how badly I want to make a return visit this summer. My mind starts planning, and I wind up daydreaming the remainder of the day.

This morning while I was getting ready, I looked in the mirror and decided I needed some sun. I don't have that lovely porcelin white skin... I need the sun, and when I don't get outside enough my skin begins to look very pasty and a little blotchy. But then my thoughts again stray, and I'm thinking about scenes in one of my favorite movies, Stealing Beauty, when Lucy arrives and everyone is napping in the sun and in the shade on a clear, warm day in Tuscany. I long to be there, in that scene, napping alongside them. Maybe when I wake up lunch will be ready - some salami and cheese and grapes and salted bread drizzled with olive oil with some slightly sweet fizzy white wine, maybe a little pasta.

But alas, I must go to work... in the office. It should be warm this weekend, perhaps I can find time to spend outside. Hopefully I can plant my grapevines on Saturday... build a little Italy in my backyard.

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