Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out of Shape

So Bobby and I finally got down to the gym on Tuesday to sign me up. He was able to add me to his account, so it's a minimal monthly fee and no down. I had reviewed the schedules for the group exercises at the gyms near home and work and picked out a couple I wanted to make it to regularly. I started this morning with a 6am Yoga class.

This class was at the location in Fashion Island which, while a bit far from home, is relatively close to work. Bobby was a bit of a pain to drag out of bed so I wound up a little late, but that was probably not a bad thing toady.

I can tell I'm out of practice. I'm a less flexible than I was when I was practicing yoga regularly, and my hands were cramping up while in plank, down dog, and extended down dog. I think I did well though - I tried to pay attention to the little details while holding my poses so as to get the maximum benefit. Already I'm starting to feel a tightness along the sides of my stomach, and I can tell I'll be sore tomorrow. (No, I haven't started doing my Pilates video yet, but hopefully I can get myself up early again tomorrow so I can).

Tomorrow Pilates, and more Yoga on Saturday - this time just down the street from home.

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Freida said...

Good for you for getting back to it. You'll be back in the groove before long.

Ha! I had some trouble just reaching down to put my socks and shoes on this morning....