Saturday, March 29, 2008

Crossroads Guitar Festival Dinner

Mom decided she wanted to have a party at my house - it was to be her and Dad, my Aunt Lisa and her boyfriend Nigel, Bobby and me. Our house is in the middle, and we have a really large television, which was apparently necessary for her party. She had some surprise she wouldn't tell anyone about.

Everyone made it over today around 5pm, and mom pulled out her surprise - a DVD of the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival. Eric Clapton puts together this festival where all these amazing guitarists get together and jam. Bobby and Nigel both play, and she thought they would really love it.

The concert played on the TV while we finished prepping dinner. Mom prepped the food and Dad barbecued it - Lisa said she wanted meat, so that's what we had - with a couple of veggies to go with it. Mom and Dad pulled out the last of their wines brought back from Italy, and a few others they'd been saving for a special occasion; Dad brought some of Bootleggers' first batch of saleable beer.

Near the end of the evening, Emma and I pulled out the chocolate chip cookie dough we had left and baked it up. It went over so well and they were gone so quickly that she wanted to make more. We took some of my butter cookie dough and put M&Ms in it for round two. Not nearly as good as fresh baked chocolate chip, at least with out the tea, but it was the thought that counts.

Overall, it was a nice evening, and I was again glad to have people over; wishing to do so more often. Perhaps even another casino party...

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