Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kitchen Door

Mom called last night to ask me something, and I mentioned that I was going to be home planting my vines, and if she and Dad weren't busy, it would be nice if they came over for lunch or something. They decided to come by; Mom to help me with my vines, and Dad to hang our new side door.

The door in question is in the kitchen. It is nice to have open, but has always been somewhat difficult to open, so we pretty much ignore it. Just before Gma died last June, I noticed termite droppings near the foot of the door; we have a contract with Orkin, and they came by the morning of the funeral to treat the door. Unfortunately that didn't help - the termintes had already made it pretty deep into the door.

When we took out the carpeting to lay down the new faux wood laminate, we discovered not one, not two, not even three, but four layers of old tile and linoleum flooring. Each time new floors were put in, they just piled it on top. Once the carpet was in, that meant that the doors had to be shortened just so they could open over all the flooring. Cutting off that bottom section exposed the wood to the elements - and termites!

Removing all that flooring and laying down the flat laminate left a rather substantial gap at under the door, and since it was infested, we decided to just replace it. Mom and I even went to Home Depot, picked out and purchased the door and the shade we are hanging on it. That was a few months ago. Yes, we have been that busy.

So today is the day we take the next step - sizing and planing the door, hanging it, and installing the necessary hardware. That's not the end though; we can't even leave it up - next we need to call Orkin to pretreat the door, and then have it painted. Then we can hang it for keeps.

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