Saturday, December 8, 2007

Spa Day

"So you just... sit there?"

Bobby's sister-in-law is an esthetician at a day spa that I worked at a few years ago. She had some free passes that were expiring at the end of the year and invited us for a spa day. Bobby had never been to a spa before and I was trying to explain what one would do at a spa. He wasn't sure he was going to go, and I was trying to convince him. He was having a hard time grasping the idea of doing nothing.

I suggested he come, bring the laptop, and if he got bored, he and his brother could leave us girls at the spa and we'd meet them at their parents' house afterwords. That sounded reasonable to him, so we got ready to go.

We'd had a late start on the day, so we didn't make it out to the spa until around 2pm. Brian and Jess were further behind us, so we went down to the massage building to see if they had anything open. They did, so we each had a 20 minute massage while we waited for the others.

The massage was nice, and brought me back to when I was working there. The winter months can be slow, so I had many a free massages. I haven't been able to schedule them more often than twice a year or so lately, so this was welcome.

Bobby came out in a daze. He'd been working so much lately between the business and school that he barely had time to sleep enough, let alone relax. He and his massage therapist had clearly bonded - they went in strangers and came out buddies. I think even if he didn't enjoy the rest of the day he would have been happy.

Brian and Jess were there when we came out, and we hurried to change and get in one of the hot pools. It was rather cool out, and running around in a bathing suit wasn't ideal, but a hot spa is lovely on a cold day. We sat in the spa and chatted for a bit, and then headed to the Grotto.

In the Grotto they paint your body with this sea kelp clay, and then you sit in a warmed room while the clay is supposed to hydrate your skin. Even if you don't believe in the benefits of the treatment, it's kinda fun being coated in green mud. Kinda makes you feel like a kid playing in the mud.

In the next room there are showers to clean off the kelp. Each shower has three heads, so the water hits you from different angles. These showers are the ones that inspired my Gma to have multiple shower heads in her shower when she remodeled the house we now live in. The next room is a "relaxation room" where they have apples and hot tea. I never cared much for that particular room, but I love the tea.

Next up we went to the locker rooms and we sat in our respective steam rooms and/or hot tubs for a bit before making our way out front. It was a brief stay, but everyone had a good time - even if we didn't really "do" anything at all.

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