Friday, December 14, 2007

Crazy Week

One thing Bobby and I seem to excel at is piling way more onto our plate than we can handle. This week we've been in at a dead run for what seems like non-stop. Aside from our normal working too much, we've purchased and assembled patio heaters for our party (don't be fooled - each one took about an hour to assemble), put up all our ourdoor Christmas lights (twice, because I blew the fuse the first time around by stringing too many strings together), and finished a majority of our Christmas shopping. Bobby has also taken the rest of his finals and practiced with his psuedoband. Last night after dropping Emma off we were up until around midnight still setting up.

Today I spent the morning searching for some chairs to rent last minute, and I left work early to finish shopping for supplies, food, and some drinks. And to get home and finish setting up. I'm amazed at how much still needs to be done. Thankfully some friends are showing up I can pass the torch to so I can get ready. And eat.

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