Sunday, December 16, 2007

Failure to Appear

Though I went to bed late on Friday, Bobby and I again had a lot on our plate yesterday and had to be up early. My company's Christmas Party was that night, he had to work at the jobsite in Valencia, and its an Emma weekend.

I woke up around 7:45 yesterday and was not feeling well. I really hadn't had much to drink at the party, so it seemed really strange - I had no headache and did not feel dehydrated, but I was definitely nauseous.

Bobby was able to solicit his brother's help at the jobsite, and I agreed to watch the kids so they could do so. I had to return the chairs from the party, so after Josh and I spent a little time picking up the cups and bottles around the backyard, I used Brian's Jeep in the morning to take those back and headed out to Norco.

I spent most of the morning hanging out with the kids and Brian's wife. His sister's and Emma built a gingerbread house (I'd never done that before), and I was able to pawn off some leftover cookies from last night. As it grew later, I was still not feeling well. I'd been sick four times already, and was still feeling queasy. Emma was also not feeling well.

Emma sometimes feigns not feeling well when she is sad or misses her dad. He'd been working all day, and as it got later we realized that he wasn't going to be able to come out there to see her before we went to this party. I couldn't tell for sure exactly how bad she felt yet. Her aunt Erica was going to watch her that evening - they had planned to take her to a party with a bunch of other kids - but Emma claimed she wasn't feeling well enough to go. I hadn't been able to entice her to eat anything since breakfast. Her feeling sick coupled with my still feeling off, made me decide to just skip the party so we could stay home for the night.

I called Bobby and told him my plan, then I called my boss to tell him I just wouldn't be able to make it. Since Bobby and Brian were now not going to come there first, we packed all the kids in the Jeep and I started back towards our house. With Caelyn and Chase in their carseats in the back, Emma sat up front with me. We stopped to pick up some Sprite to calm our tummies.

It appears that wasn't enough though. Halfway home, Emma, who had been slumped over towards the center, sat up an vomited onto the center section. The cupholders (and the cups in them), the drive shaft, the e-brake,... all of it covered. At that moment I was really glad I had decided to skip the party. Once she was done, she looked up at me and asked, "Do you think Brian will be mad?"
"No honey, we'll clean it up." I could tell she was already feeling better, but she felt bad about the car. I tried to tell her we could make it so you'd never know it happened. We wound up busting into "This one time..." stories about being sick, and who took care of us, and that it never really mattered in the long run.

I called Bobby and warned him so he could get out whatever was necessary to clean up. When we arrived Bobby dutifully cleaned up after his daughter while I got Emma to wash up and started her clothes in the wash. Brian was, as I expected, understanding.

We decided that the best thing to do for the evening was watch a movie together, so we set up the air mattress in the room we'd moved the plasma into for the party. I'd rented Bridge to Terabithia on Netflix, and though Emma had already seen it, she wanted to watch it anyway. She fell asleep for a bit on the couch while we were setting up, even though it was only 8:30pm or so. But she woke back up and said she still wanted to watch the movie. Poor girl was sick once more during the film, but when it was over she was sound asleep.

First thing this morning, Emma was hungry. I took that as a sign she was feeling much better...

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