Friday, December 7, 2007

Party Supplies

We're having a holiday party this Friday, and Bobby and his friend wanted to do a casino-holiday party.

First they looked into having a company come out with the tables and the dealers and everything, but the first quote they got was $1,300, and I was not down for that. We were looking into other options, and Bobby was looking around on CraigsList for supplies. Bobby found a craps table for $300 and was thinking about buying it. That didn't sound like a good idea to me (where would I store it?), but Bobby was insistant that we have craps at our casino party.

Today I decided to see what I could find on CraigsList myself. I searched for "craps table" and the first listing was for not just a craps table, but a craps table, two blackjack tables, a roulette wheel, a bingo ball holder, 8 decks of cards, and 2000 chips. All for $190. The first line of the post read "Must sell by Dec. 7th."

I became very excited. I sent the poster an email, and she called me back right away - yes it was still available. I knew Bobby would have to bring the truck out to pick it up, so I asked if we could come by this evening to look at it.

Then I set out trying to get ahold of Bobby. He didn't answer. He has a smartphone, so instead of leaving a voicemail I sent him an email, knowing he'd check that first. He was in the middle of final presentations for class, so I didn't hear back from him for about 2 hours. He was as excited as I was about my find, but it would be a few hours before he could get out there.

When he got there and checked out the stuff, Bobby called to give me the story. The craps table was good, but the blackjack tables were just peices of plywood with the felt on top. All were to be set on top of an existing table rather than being tables themselves. The roulette wheel was plastic, as were the chips. I said I would rather buy this set than the $300 craps table, if only because this craps table would be easily stored, and the blackjack stuff we could just toss later.

Not the most amazing find, but sufficient for our needs.

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