Friday, February 2, 2007

An Unexpected Bonding

Yesterday I decided to stay home and play Scrabble with Gma rather than drive out to Norco with Bobby. Gma has been feeling really lonely lately, and I think she's going to bed earlier and earlier (used to be 10ish, now its close to 8) not because she's really tired, but because she's just plain bored. You can only watch so much TV before you feel like your head is going to cave in. Anyway, she whalloped me. We played three games, and each time her score went up and mine went down, but she ended up staying up until 10 with no problems.

Today Bobby called me at work to tell me that the pharmacy had called for Gma - she had forgotten to sign her check and they needed a new one. But she couldn't remember where the pharmacy is. He had to leave for work, but convinced her to wait until I got home from work and could take her to the pharmacy rather than try to get there herself. (What kind of clerk doesn't look at the check and make sure the amount is right and it's signed? Especially when it's over $2K!)

Bobby's friend Andy came over that afternoon. Bobby was stuck in traffic and knew Andy would get there well before him, so he called Gma to make sure she would be ok with Andy coming by before he got there. Gma and Andy wound up hanging out for about 30 minutes and I swear they are friends for life now. He later was able to tell me what he learned about her - he knows how many kids she has (broken down by gender), where they all live, that three of the girls are divorced and now with great guys, that she's sick.... He told her about loosing his mom to cancer a few years back (I want to say 8 years ago?). They bonded. When Bobby got there, he and Andy played guitar in the back room for about another half hour while Gma sat and listened, then the boys went to Guitar Center to play with more guitars.

When I got home I took Gma to the pharmacy and the whole drive there and back she gushed about how wonderful Andy is, and how much she loved listening to the two of them play. I swear she's in love with him. When the boys came home they brought in groceries for dinner and we grilled up some steaks. Gma had taken some Sudafed to try to kick this chest cold she's been fighting for a few weeks, and wound up going to bed earlier than she wanted - I think she would have stayed up and talked to them until Andy left.

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